The St. Lawrence Family Conference (popularly know as “Silver Lake” due to its current location) is the annual RPC family conference that takes place each Labour Day weekend in Maberly, Ontario (about 2 hours from Ottawa).

It is organized by the St. Lawrence Presbytery  of the RPCNA and has been in operation for more than 50 years!  Past speakers have included Al Martin, Ian Hamilton, Ted Donnelly, Barry York, Joel Beeke, and Andrew Quigley.

For a detailed SLFC history, see “Silver Lake: a Meeting Place of the Beloved"

Our purpose

The purpose of the St. Lawrence Family Conference is to glorify God, build His people in the faith, and reach out to the unsaved.

What we believe

SLFC is organized by the St. Lawrence Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. We believe the Bible to be the inspired and infallible Word of God. We adhere to the Westminster Confession of Faith and its Catechisms as subordinate standards.

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Current location and activities

In recent years, SLFC has been using the Silver Lake Wesleyan Camp facilities located on Silver Lake near Maberly, Ontario. Attendees are hosted on site in tents, motels, cabins, cottages, and dorms for the children. All meals are provided and served on site by our volunteer cooks. Attendees arrive on Friday afternoon and leave by about noon on Monday. SLWC boasts a dock with canoes and kayaks, a small private beach, and playground. Besides the scheduled events, there is ample free time for canoeing, fishing, swimming, and playing basketball, indoor floor hockey, beach volleyball, soccer, etc. Messages by our speaker, the Talent Show, and prayer are all held in the meeting hall known as the “Tabernacle.”

Comments & Feedback

"I had a fantastic time at the St. Lawrence Family Conference. The food and fellowship was wonderful, the recreational times were great, and the lively conversations were very stimulating. It's a fun event which really does allow Christians to get to know each other, worship and pray together, and find spiritual refreshment. Although I have to say that I have still not recovered from being soundly beaten in the 'Are you smarter than a fifth-grade homeschooler?' competition."

Dr. Carl Trueman
Westminster Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Pastor, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Ambler, Pennsylvania


"Over the years [SLFC] has been richly blessed with some of the most Spirit Filled teachers in the world. These include Ted Donnelly,Al Martin, Joel Beeke, Andrew Quigley, Derek Thomas, Ian Hamilton, George Scipione, just to mention a few. If there was nothing else, such incredible teaching alone, would make the Silver Lake camp totally worthwhile. Add to that a beautiful lake, sports, great food and fabulous fellowship, a yearly growing number of young people attending, and it's probably the best way you can ever imagine to spend your Labour Day weekend, before getting back into the hustle bustle of the year ahead. Plan for it now, enjoy it then, remember it fondly later."

Dr. Rich Ganz
Senior Pastor, Ottawa, RPC; President, Ottawa Theological Hall


"Having had the privilege of speaking for this conference, and thus having been to Silver Lake Camp, I can highly recommend the St. Lawrence Family Conference to families and individuals looking for an edifying weekend away, in a beautiful setting, with opportunity for great Christian fellowship. The schedule of meals, activities, and teaching times is well thought out, allowing for relaxation and recreational time, good conversation, and adequate sleep. If attending the camp is an option for you, you will find it well worth the time and effort to do so!

Rev. David Reese
Pastor, Colorado Springs RPC


"Having had the privilege of speaking at the camp on two occasions I have experienced at first hand the godly fun and joy that such a time provides for the people of God. It is an opportunity for those in 'the body' to; talk with one another, eat in the communal hall, worship as a community, swim and canoe on the lake, relax and spend time just caring for one another in simple ways. At a time when rampant individualism is a virulent reality in the church, Camps like Silver Lake provide an excellent and much needed antidote."

Rev. Andrew Quigley
Pastor of RP Church in Ardrie Scotland

“Silver Lake Camp has become a family tradition for us, not because we aren’t busy or because there isn’t a cost, but because the Lord repeatedly uses the Camp as an opportunity for our family to be blessed and to give us a great opportunity to get to know and serve others. Silver Lake is a perfect transition from summer to September – we wouldn’t miss it.”

Rev. Matt Kingswood
Pastor of RP Church in Russell, Ontario

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at [SLFC]. By the Spirit’s grace, the Bible-based topics, godly fellowship, and enjoyable time of respite make for an ideal opportunity of renewed spiritual vigor. If you are even remotely considering attending or supporting this camp, I would encourage you to do so. You won’t be sorry."

Dr. Joel R. Beeke
President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan