Register by August 5th to enjoy early bird rates. Registrations received after August 19th will be charged a late fee of $20 per individual or $40 per family. 

Option 1: online registration (new!)

Follow this link to easily register online, noting payment options. This is a new method of registration that will simplify the registration process for both the attendees and the registrar. If you have any questions, please email Lydia Welter at

NOTE: all parents registering their child(ren) for SLFC 2019 must sign a guardianship form.  If you will be attending camp with your children, you still must sign a guardianship form, since signatures cannot be collected on a Google Form.  This will happen at camp as a quick part of the check-in process.  If you are sending your child(ren) to camp but not attending yourself, a form will be sent to you prior to camp so you can appoint an alternate guardian.

option 2: download a registration form

Download the form to edit or print, noting payment options. Email the form back to


Mail form to: 417 Albert St., Kingston, ON, K7L 3W4

Important information

E-transfers: When paying by e-transfer, please send a separate email to the registrar at, with the answer to your selected security question.

Financial assistance: Our goal is to enable families to attend the conference. If cost is an issue, please speak to your local deacons. In order to make SLFC more affordable for large families, we have a maximum family rate (see the registration form). This rate does not apply to adult children living with their parents or to friends of the family you bring along (though they are very welcome!).

Coming only on Sunday? Please register! If you plan to attend Sunday only, please register and prepay as an off-site attendee (with or without meals as you choose). If you plan to come just for evening worship and the Ottawa Theological Hall convocation, you do not need to register or pay.

Counselors: Counselors are selected and approved by the executive and require a letter from their elder. Please download the “Letter of Recommendation” in the Volunteer page of this website. Counselors must be at least 18 years of age; junior counselors must be at least 16 years of age. If you are interested in serving in this way, please mark “H” on the registration form.

Available accommodations: We have dorms for children ages 7-17. If you would like to request a specific dorm mate, please indicate that in the “special requests” column of your registration form. Requests cannot be guaranteed.

We also have motels (allotted on the basis of need, e.g., families with very young children).These motel rooms are equipped with two double beds or a double bed with bunk beds and a bathroom.

Cabins are also available for families, couples, or singles. These cabins have electricity but no bathrooms.

Finally, we have a camp ground for tents, trailers, and RVs. You may bring your own tent. If you don’t have a tent we can lend you one.

Please note: Requested accommodations cannot be guaranteed. Register as soon as possible to help ensure necessary accommodations are available. If you have any questions, please contact the registrar.

Reformed Book Services: Every year Reformed Book Services (RBS) is invited to give attendants the opportunity to get their hands on some Reformed literature. If you have a book in mind that you would like to buy, send your request to (NOTE: Put SLFC 2019 in the subject).


What to Bring

Each family is requested to bring: 

  • 4 dozen homemade nut-free cookies (no peanut butter cookies, please!)

  • 1 1/2 baskets of ripe fruit (no watermelon, please!)

**If you are coming as a couple or by yourself, use your judgment and just bring a portion of the requested amount. 

  • Flashlights (for campfire and for getting around the camp safely at night)

  • Bedding/Sleeping Bag/Pillow

  • Warm clothes

  • Modest clothing and swimwear

  • Towels & Toiletries

  • Sunscreen & Bug Repellent

  • Rain gear – just in case!

  • Close-toed shoes for helping out in the kitchen and/or dish pit (NB: this applies to all children 11+)

  • Running shoes – we have lots of sports & games planned!

  • Bible, Notebook, and Pen

  • Your talent for the Saturday night Talent Show

  • Your health card

  • Money/chequebook if you still need to pay your registration fees or if you would like to purchase books at the book table (Friday & Saturday).

  • A servant heart/attitude – there are lots of ways you can help at camp.


What Not to Bring:

  • Unnecessary electronics (iPods, iPads, etc.). If you don’t absolutely need it, don’t bring it! Parents, please note that the camp does have Wi-Fi. Please monitor your children as necessary.

  • As in past years, we have at least one attendee who is severely allergic to nuts. So please do not bring anything containing nuts to camp, not even for your own consumption.

  • Alcohol is prohibited on-site. Those who bring/drink alcohol at camp will be asked to leave.