"The Amazing Love of the Father"

Theme Psalm: Psalm 145 b

John A Bouwers pic.jpg

Rev. John A. Bouwers

Born in Eastern Ontario to Reformed Christian parents, who sought to raise him to trust and honor the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  During university studies, pursuing a career in Agricultural Business, the Lord began to impress on his heart a call to serve Him in gospel ministry.  When he finally yielded and began to pursue that call, while later studying at Redeemer College, he was blessed to meet his wife Julie.  They eventually married and completed their studies, and the Lord has since blessed them with 6 covenant children.  In God’s tender mercies they are now also blessed with the privilege of seeing 8 of their children’s children with number nine on the way.  Since his ordination to the gospel ministry in 1992, he served for 25 years as the founding pastor of the Immanuel United Reformed Church in Jordan, ON.  Since December of 2017, he is now enjoying the privilege of serving the Lord as pastor of the Hope Reformed Church of Brampton, ON.

"God has been so gracious and merciful to me and it is an overwhelming and undeserved privilege to be able to preach His grace to us in Jesus." ~ Rev. John A. Bouwers

“Pastor John Bouwers has been a great example to me of what it is to be an encouraging friend and a faithful minster of the gospel. John loves Christ and loves the Church of Christ. He is a gifted leader at the highest levels of church government, yet humbly and passionately continues to work in the trenches of Kingdom life and witness in the world. John preaches with biblical faithfulness, mature wisdom and sincere love for his hearers. You won’t want to miss the blessing of John’s ministry this year at Silver Lake!” 

Rev. Matthew Kingswood
Pastor, Russell RPC

“I have known Pastor John A. Bouwers for most of my life and I can sincerely say that I have been blessed richly in knowing him as a dear friend. Pastor Bouwers has served Christ’s church diligently over many years with much humility as he seeks to lift up the name of Jesus in his preaching, teaching and pastoral care. He truly has a servant heart. Pastor Bouwers is blessed with the gift of being able to connect with, and reach the hearts of God’s people in a way that one is encouraged and challenged in their faith. My family and I have had the privilege of sitting under Pastor Bouwer’s preaching from time to time over the last 25+ years and we have always been grateful for these opportunities. I have every confidence that the Lord will use Pastor Bouwers to be a blessing to each and everyone attending SLFC.”

Hank Vedder
Ruling Elder, Russell RPC