Dorm counselors will be approved by the executive on a case-by-case basis. Counselors must be: 18+ (junior counselors must be 16+); mature in the faith, trustworthy, and able to handle responsibility; a member in good standing or a trusted adherent of the RPC (if anything happens that is not in accordance with Biblical Christian conduct, then counselors need to under the authority of the church); able to provide the registrar with a letter of recommendation (download the document below and have your elder fill it out). If you are interested in serving this way, please mark “H” on your registration form and ask one of your elders to fill out the letter of recommendation and send it to the registrar.

Contact: Lydia Welter, registration.slfc@hotmail.com


Teachers and assistant teachers (adults or teens aged 13+) are needed to teach children’s classes on Saturday and Sunday morning. Questions regarding specific times and age groups?

Contact: Vanessa van der Meer, vanessavandermeer@gmail.com


Nursery volunteers are needed for Friday evening, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning and evening during Pastor Bouwer’s messages.

Contact: Leah Roseboom, leahroseboom09@hotmail.com 


If you are 16+ and have your bronze cross, bronze medallion, or NLS certification, we would love to have your help keeping our beach safe! Shift lengths are flexible. Be sure to specify what level of qualification you have achieved. 

Contact: Leah Roseboom, leahroseboom09@hotmail.com 


We are looking for adults (18+) who are willing to supervise the canoe shack for 1 hour either Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Boating/lifeguarding experience is an asset but not required.

Times: Saturday, September 2nd  1-2 pm, 2-3 pm, 3-4 pm, 4-5 pm.

Sunday, September 3rd  2-3 pm, 3-4 pm, 4-5 pm

Contact: Leah Roseboom, leahroseboom09@hotmail.com 


Full-time kitchen staff will receive a 100% discount on their fees, and part-time kitchen staff will receive a 50% discount. Please contact Stas Jesionka to request and confirm a kitchen staff position.

Contact: Stas Jesionka, stasekski@gmail.com